Shot on location in Miami, Florida, Myami tells the story of three very distinct artists who use the city as a source of inspiration for their artwork. The film tells the stories of how two of the artists had to overcome tragedy and loss in order to find success, and how one leaves it all behind in order to reinvent himself and find a renewed sense of passion for his work. The film explores how the lives of these artists intertwines and develops into a relationship benefiting our three protagonists. In the center of it all is Elaine, a popular south Florida fixture, who emerges as the queen of drag performers after an unusual twist of fate nearly costs her her livelihood. After losing it all, Havi has nowhere to go but up as he chases his dream of becoming a world renowned artisan. And finally there’s Aslan who is willing to risk failure and rejection in order to reinvent himself and reignite the passion he once had for his craft.