Multi-Award winning filmmaker, photographer, and author.
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Multi-Award winning filmmaker, photographer, and author.

Dmitry Zhitov is an award winning documentary filmmaker, photographer, and author. He has earned multiple awards for Best Director, Best Film, and Best Cinematographer in national and international film festivals from Los Angeles and Miami to London and Madrid.

Although interested in photography since he was a child, it wasn’t until his mid-20s when Dmitry’s career as a documentarian began. Dmitry earned accolades with his first film, South Beach on Heels. The success of this film inspired Dmitry to venture into other fields within the cinematic world.

Dmitry has published a multi-sensory Coffee Table Book “Faces and Voices of Cuba” with a Soundtrack which got a lot of recognition nationally and internationally.
Dmitry has exhibited his work in the USA, England and Italy.


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